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Former Psyko Punk (Sven) is back with a huge new act: KELTEK!

Former Psyko Punk (Sven) is back with a huge new act: KELTEK!

Sven Sieperda was a member of the well known hardstyle-act Psyko Punkz. After eight crazy and fun years Sven decided to stop and Wietse (his partner in crime) continued producing and dj’ing.


Now he is back! But Sven getting back in the hardstylescene wouldn’t go without any questions. In an interview with DJ Mag NL he explains everything and introduces his new act: KELTEK.

What was the reason that made you quit Psyko Punkz?
“The reason for that wasn't really easy to explain, at least not at that point. So I will try to make myself as clear as possible and I'm going to be really open about it. There's a number of small things packed together that made me decide to back down. I thought I'd seen everything in those 8 years. We traveled across the globe, played the biggest and best shows, together with my buddy, and the most crazy guy i know; Wietse.”

So what happened?
“In the last years, I was going through a phase in my life, where I felt there was more to explore, more to squeeze out of my ability's in hardstyle and maybe other music. Also there was this feeling to do something on my own, and I wasn't even thinking about going solo as a dj. But if there was a time to do it, right there was the moment, because we won't live forever.

I once read; “It takes about an average of ten years to be pro at something specific, and another 10 to be a master.” No guarantees, but I do believe this is pretty accurate. And since we're not immortal, there's usually one chance to achieve all that, in one life time.”

When you quit, what was the idea behind it?
“The main idea was to ghostproduce and build up my own product, with someone else's face on the decks. And later on multiply this fundamental to create a big company. Also I would keep producing for Psyko Punkz.”

And then you became a dad, right?
“Becoming a father is the most beautiful thing, but as soon as I knew, responsibility and worries about the future added up to all the thoughts and plans I already had. Also it was a good moment to spend some time with my family. In the mean time, Wietse didn't change his thinking, luckily. He didn't have that phase I was going through. Along the way I started to see him more and more as "Psyko Punkz". He was holding up the brand and I could see he would be able to carry this on his own. This is where I made my decision to stop public.”

Why did you stop producing for Psyko Punkz?
“I stopped creating for Psyko Punkz and we chose to separate after all. This is all business wise, we're stil really good friends, that never changed. Wietse is a good producer as well, and he can manage to do the productions for Psyko Punkz himself. Also he started creating his own sound for Psyko Punkz and even made a whole album, with only solo track’s, really cool! For me this also was a good reason to back down from the production part, and fully focus on my own work”

How was that for you?
“For me? Surprisingly, life goes on, just the way it went before. It turned out for me it's not satisfying to make music without exposing it myself. It feels empty, incomplete, not pure, not real. It doesn't give me the output I need and it turns me in to a studio robot, and nothing else. I also found out, I'm not a manager, CEO or salesman either.  And I discovered I absolutely don't want to sell my creativity for money alone, especially in hardstyle.”

Why is that?
“In this business its not all about that, because money can't buy a crowd response on your work. And that's the best thing you can get in return for creation. So being on stage with your own music is the most beautiful outcome, especially if you are used to nothing else.”

And now you’re back!
“No matter what kind music I’m able to make, dreams I have, other life goals I chase. I will always get pulled back into creating hardstyle. This is because the road I traveled from my 16th until now, apparently shaped me to be a hardstyle artist. This tells me I am made for it, made by myself, and I need to go do this on my own. It just took me some time off to understand what was going on. Now i have the chance to do it all over again by my self and show people my own music.”

“I missed it! It's a new journey, a new challenge and my main drive. I'm KELTEK!” – Sven Sieperda